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    If you’re looking at displaying your Facebook posts on the Social Wall then all you need to know is the username for your Facebook page or profile. All you need to do is inspect the Facebook Page URL. Now this is an example where the page was not setup with a username (this was the default setting when creating […]


    We heard you, we listened and we took action. A few months ago we announced a new feature to pause the scrolling when the mouse is over the Social Wall posts. This was enabled by default when Auto Scrolling was selected, however some of you wanted to be able to control this Pausing feature. *Drum […]

  • Social Wall Moderation

    Displaying your social posts on your digital wall is easy with our Social Wall platform. Filtering or moderating what posts are displayed on the Social Wall is even easier. Moderating posts is important when using hashtags on your Social Wall as you don’t want to display posts that may offend your viewers. Follow these steps to use […]

  • How to embed a Social Wall on your website

    We’ve made the process of adding a Social Wall to your website really simple. It’s a x step process and here are the instructions: 1. Login to your Social Wall account 2. Setup your Social Media profiles. Here’s 3 examples (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). Facebook Twitter Instagram 3. Once you have setup you profiles make […]

  • New Feature: Pause Scrolling on Mouse Over

    We are excited to share with you our latest feature to Social Wall. This new feature applies to scrolling Social Walls and what it does it pause the scrolling if you have your mouse over the social wall. We have found this to be useful when adding a Social Wall to a website. Try it […]

  • The University of New South Wales (South Western Sydney Clinical School – Faculty of Medicine) has been using the Social Wall tool for more than a year now. Their digital Social Wall is currently being displayed on a large Video Wall near the entrance to their building – you can read about this installation here – GRAB ATTENTION WITH A VIDEO WALL. The video wall is positioned just outside the lifts and it’s displaying their Facebook Posts amongst other important information such as Videos and upcoming events.

    By displaying the Facebook Social Wall, the University is able to quickly and easily engage with it’s staff and students who are passing by.

    Social Wall Example

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