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    Holiday Coast Credit Union is an Australian 100% owned Financial Services business with headquarters in Wauchope NSW Australia. This financial institution offers complete banking services and has 13 Holiday Coast branches and agencies.


    • Embed their social feeds into their new Intranet website
    • Bring awareness to staff regarding promotions and special offers on the company’s Facebook and Twitter pages
    • Ability to display the Social Wall in HTTPS secure pages


    Embedding Social posts on an Intranet website is an easy process with our Social Wall solution. All you need is to configure your Social Wall settings in the dashboard and then paste the iFrame code on your Intranet Content Management System. Here’s a screenshot of the Holiday Coast Credit Union Intranet homepage showcasing their Social Wall.

    Social Wall Case Study - HCCU Staff Portal

    Here’s a closer look at the Social Wall:



    “The team at Social Wall have been terrific to help us get our social integration set up on the new portal for our staff communications. It’s really important that our customer facing staff are aware of our social feeds, promotions and special offers running through Facebook and Twitter.

    We had some last minute changes required just before launch and the service was fantastic! It allowed us to launch with secure settings in multiple browsers successfully.

    I have no hesitation recommending Social Wall for your business”.

    – Ellissa (Digital and Project Manager, Holiday Coast Credit Union)

    Start displaying your Social Wall on any digital device NOW!

    The University of New South Wales (South Western Sydney Clinical School – Faculty of Medicine) has been using the Social Wall tool for more than a year now. Their digital Social Wall is currently being displayed on a large Video Wall near the entrance to their building – you can read about this installation here – GRAB ATTENTION WITH A VIDEO WALL. The video wall is positioned just outside the lifts and it’s displaying their Facebook Posts amongst other important information such as Videos and upcoming events.

    By displaying the Facebook Social Wall, the University is able to quickly and easily engage with it’s staff and students who are passing by.

    Social Wall Example

    Start displaying your Social Wall on any digital device NOW!