In a previous post we provided some instructions on How to Embed a Social Wall on your website using HTML and also using WordPress. In this post we will show you how easy it’s done with Shopify – one of the largest eCommerce platforms. It’s very simple just follow these steps:

Login to your Shopify account and click on the Online Store and then Pages

Social Wall Shopify - Online Store Page


Enter some text for example: Our Social Wall and then click on the SHOW HTML button that has the greater and less than signs:

Social Wall Shopify - Page SHOW HTML

Login to your Social Wall Dashboard and copy the iFrame code

Social Wall User Guide Display Social Wall



Paste the iFrame code into the Shopify HTML page

Social Wall Shopify - PageSocial Wall Shopify - Page

Save it and click on Preview and it will display your Social Wall. NOTE that depending on the width of the Shopify Page, it will adjust itself if the Social Wall is set to responsive.

Social Wall Shopify - Page Website


Start displaying your Social Wall on any digital device NOW!

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