In a previous post titled ‘How to create a username for your Facebook Page‘, we detailed the steps required for creating a Facebook Page Username. However, for those of you who have recently created a Facebook page by clicking on the ‘Create Page @Username’:

Social Wall - Facebook Page Username

Social Wall - Facebook Page Create Username

Then entered a unique username (Facebook confirmed that it can be used – green tick) like the one below and pressed the Create Username button:

Social Wall - Facebook Page Username Social Wall Test

But you end up receiving the message Username isn’t Available – This Page isn’t eligible to have a username like belowSocial Wall - Facebook Page Username Isn't Available

What this basically means is that you do not have enough Facebook Page Likes to be able to create the username. I don’t understand why Facebook couldn’t have mentioned that in the error message as it’s very misleading. Facebook has a requirement to have at least 25 ¬†Facebook Page likes before you can create a username. Wished that it was clear so people don’t have to search around for the answer.

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