WordPress is one of the most popular content management system being used by millions of websites… well this page you’re currently looking at is also using WordPress. If you’re using WordPress, you will be happy to know adding a Social Wall to your website is very easy. We are going to show you how to do this very shortly and you’ll be happy to know that we even built a WordPress Widget so you can copy and paste your Social Wall iFrame code. So let’s begin.


WordPress Pages/Posts

In WordPress, you have the option to create a WordPress Pages or Posts. Pages are not associated to time so they are more static. As an example the Contact Us section of this website is a Page whereas this article is a Post (a blog entry). Adding your Social Wall to your Page or Post is pretty much the same process.

Here’s the steps needed to display  your Social Wall on your WordPress Page/Post:

  • On the Page/Post, click on the Text Tab. In this example we are using a Page with the title Social Wall.

Social Wall WordPress Text

  • Login to your Social Wall Dashboard and copy the iFrame Code For WordPress. You will notice that this iFrame hides/disabled the scrolling.

Social Wall WordPress iFrame Code

  • Paste the iFrame code into the text area like below. You can paste it in any location that you want. You will notice that you can specify the dimensions of the iFrame by changing the pixel sizes.

Social Wall WordPress Page iFrame Code

  • You can then modify the width and height of the iFrame to suit your page or even set the Social Wall to responsive mode and it will dynamically change the size to fit your website.

WordPress Widgets

WordPress widgets are a quick and easy way of adding content or features to predefined locations on your website. As mentioned previously, our Social Wall Team has actually created a Social Wall Widget that you can download and install this plugin from your WordPress Plugin dashboard. If you want to use the Social Wall Widget follow these instructions:

  • Click on Add New in Plugins

Social Wall WordPress Add New Plugin

  • In the Search Field type “Social Wall Widget” and press enter

Social Wall WordPress Add New Plugin Search

  • In the search result list look for Social Wall Widget and press the Install Now button

Social Wall WordPress Add New Plugin Search Result


  • Click on Activate Plugin

Social Wall WordPress Add New Plugin Activate

  • Once activated you will see the Plugin in the list

Social Wall WordPress Add New Plugin Activated Status

  • Now to add the Widget to your website click on Appearance

Social Wall WordPress Appearance

  • Click Widgets

Social Wall WordPress Appearance Widgets

  • In the Widget List look for Social Wall Widget

Social Wall WordPress Widget list

  • Click on Social Wall Widget and it will display the options where the widget can be located. Select the location and click Add Widget

Social Wall WordPress Widget Add Widget


  • In the Blog Sidebar click on Social Wall Widget to view the options enter a title and the iFrame Code

Social Wall Widget Add Plugin Widget Settings

  • Click save and then check your website. The sidebar should display something like this:

Social Wall WordPress Widget Add Plugin WordPress Website

Download Social Wall Widget For WordPress

If you want to manually upload the Social Wall Widget plugin then download and use this zip file.

Or you can download the zip file from

Social Wall Widget WordPress Download

Example WordPress Sites

List of WordPress websites using Social Wall:

Business Legions Blog

Social Wall Widget WordPress Business Legions Blog

Stinky The Pig

Social Wall Widget WordPress Stinky The Pig

PharmaSave New Lambton

Social Wall Widget WordPress New Lambton Pharmacy

Start displaying your Social Wall on any digital device NOW!

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