Responsive is a widely used term to describe a website designed for Smartphone Mobiles, Tablets and Desktops/Personal Computers. If you visit this website ( on your computer and then on your mobile phone you will notice that it will look different on both devices. That’s because it’s responsive. The elements and layouts contained on the website are different for various devices – this is actually also how we built our social wall platform. We have an option in the Social Wall dashboard to make your social wall Responsive – meaning if you set up your social wall to display 4 columns it will automatically adjust itself to display 1 column if viewed on a mobile phone. A 4 column social wall will not display well on a mobile phone hence the reason why it will automatically display 1 column if Responsive is selected. Here are the steps to make your Social Wall Responsive:

  • Login to your Dashboard and click on the General Tab
  • Click on Yes under Responsive

Social Wall Dashboard Responsive

Done! It’s that simple. Our system then takes care of the rest.



Start displaying your Social Wall on any digital device NOW!

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