The simplest way to show your Social Wall is to enter your Social Wall URL in a web browser. By using Chrome Web extensions the process is even much easier! To demonstrate how easy it is to display a Social Wall we decided to create a Chrome Web Extension Demo that displays our Social Wall content. All you need to do is go to Chrome Web Store and search for Social Wall or click here.

Click on Add to Chrome on the top right hand corner.

Social Wall Demo - Chrome Web Store

Click on Add app.

Social Wall Demo - Chrome Web Store Add App


Click on Launch App

Social Wall Demo - Chrome Web Store

The Chrome web extension will now load the Social Wall Demo content.

Social Wall Chrome Kiosk App

If you want to start the Chrome web extension or your Social Wall URL on startup and full screen then we would recommend you use a tool such as Launcher Dock. Read this article here.

For our registered members, if you want to create your own Social Wall Chrome Web Extension let us know. For a small fee we can develop your own Social Wall custom Chrome Web Extension and publish this on the Chrome Web Store.


Start displaying your Social Wall on any digital device NOW!

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