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    We always love adding new features to our Social Wall and the newest one we’ve added is the ability to display your social media posts on the social wall randomly or Newest to Older or Oldest to Newest. You now have these 3 options. Just follow these instructions:

    • Login to your Social Wall Dashboard and click on the General Tab.
    • Click on the drop down arrow in the Display Posts by section
    • Select one of the following, Newest to Oldest, Oldest to Newest and Random

    Sort Social Posts On The Social Wall

    The results:


    An example of a Social Wall using different sorting options

    This feature is useful for those of you who are displaying social media posts from different platforms and don’t want to display similar posts one after the other.

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    The University of New South Wales (South Western Sydney Clinical School – Faculty of Medicine) has been using the Social Wall tool for more than a year now. Their digital Social Wall is currently being displayed on a large Video Wall near the entrance to their building – you can read about this installation here – GRAB ATTENTION WITH A VIDEO WALL. The video wall is positioned just outside the lifts and it’s displaying their Facebook Posts amongst other important information such as Videos and upcoming events.

    By displaying the Facebook Social Wall, the University is able to quickly and easily engage with it’s staff and students who are passing by.

    Social Wall Example

    Start displaying your Social Wall on any digital device NOW!