The hashtag moderation feature on the Social Wall is a must use tool for any event or exhibition. This feature allows you to moderate and display particular social media posts from Twitter and/or Instagram which are related to a particular hashtag. Watch the following video or follow the below instructions if you want to use this feature:

Login to your Social Wall account and click on the Twitter or Instagram tab. Add the hashtag you want to display on the Social Wall

Social Wall - Twitter - Hashtag

Social Wall - Instagram - Hashtag

Click on the Hashtag Moderation tab and then click on Enable Moderation

Social Wall - Enable Hashtag Moderation

Wait for a few seconds and a list will start displaying Twitter or Instagram posts relating to that hashtag.

Social Wall - Enable Hashtag Moderation ListSocial Wall - Enable Hashtag Moderation List

For each particular post, you will see the OFF and ON button in the Display Column. Click on the OFF button to toggle to ON and this will display that particular post on the Social Wall. If the OFF button is shown then it is not being displayed on the Social Wall.

Social Wall - Enable Hashtag Moderation List On
Auto Refresh – this will refresh the list in the Hashtag Moderation Tab every x min so you don’t have to basically click on the refresh button or refresh the page to see any new hashtags.So every x minutes the list will refresh and it will go down to the first post that is set to OFF so you can moderate

Social Wall - Enable Hashtag Moderation List Auto refresh

You can also press the Refresh button to manually refresh the list

Display All – when ON has been pressed, all the posts in the hashtag moderation list will be set to ON, meaning they will be displayed on the Social Wall. This is just a quick way to set all the post to display on the Social Wall. If OFF is set then all the hashtag posts will be set to OFF and will not be displayed. Please note for a list that has many posts this may take a while to automatically set them to ON.

Social Wall - Enable Hashtag Moderation List Display All

Action – the clear button resets the hashtag moderation list so that it’s blank. You can use this when changing hashtags and just need to clear the list. Submit is when you make a change it send the information.

Block User – block user will cause the username no to be displayed on the hashtag moderation list and on the Social Wall. You can use this if you see constant spam posts from this particular user and just want to block this user from displaying

Social Wall - Enable Hashtag Moderation List Block User

Here are a few case studies using the Hashtag Moderation feature:

Social Wall at an Event – Floyd Mayweather vs Connor McGregor

Social Wall at the Gym – Crunch Fitness

Social Wall at the Expo – Health and Beyond

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