Social Wall is a digital wall that aggregates and displays your social media posts or hashtags. You probably have seen one of these at various events or exhibitions, or even came across it on a website. That’s a Social Wall! Below are a few examples:

Social Wall Example


Many of us have a social media account, (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube) and we use these social platforms to communicate and share part of our lives to family, friends and the online community. We also use these platforms to communicate or even share information about businesses and corporations. By aggregating, filtering and then displaying posts that is relevant to your business, is what makes Social Wall one of the best and most powerful digital tools for marketers and digital gurus.

With Social Wall, businesses will be able to display their own Social Media posts and also other people’s posts that are relevant to them by using a specific #hashtags. For example,  your business is holding an event and you want to get the attendees to share some of the photos or posts from the event. You can get them to use a specific hashtag, like #socialwall2016 and our Social Wall tool will grab social media posts that have this hashtag and then display it on a digital wall (by using a projector or a digital screen). Have a read of this Case Study if you’re interested in using Social Wall at an event.

If you need to display social media content where it matters the most – right in front of your audience – then Social Wall is a perfect tool. You can display Social Wall on any digital medium like a website, smartphone, tablet, video wall, digital screen, augmented reality or on any digital platform – the possibilities are endless.

With our Custom Branding services, we are able to customise the way your Social Wall looks by changing colours, fonts, adding background images or colours, changing the pre-loader image or whatever your requirements are we will try to customise it.